The new Nike Komyuter is going to be your commute buddy

We The Pvblic

Commuting in Metro Manila is a struggle in itself, and it doesn’t get any better when you get new shoes.

When you’re in the jeep and you do everything you can so that the new passengers don’t step on the new kicks, when you get on an MRT train (and hope to God it doesn’t have another breakdown) and hope you don’t get trampled on, when you forget to bring an umbrella because, duh, unpredictable weather — it’s a nightmare. Usually, we tend to leave out the new pair and save it for another day. But you don’t have to do that anymore with the new Nike Komyuter.

Nike’s new silhouette is designed specifically to address every commuter’s woes by being both water repellent and pretty good looking, and it’s finally here in the Philippines.

Its other colorways that haven’t been confirmed to release in the Philippines are namely: Olive Green, Black, & Navy Blue.

It’s available at Commonwealth Greenbelt 5 and Commonwealth SM Aura Premier! What’re you waiting for?

All photos from Nike.

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