LEAKED: LeBron’s FIRST shoe as a Laker surfaces on Twitter

Gelo Lasin

The King puts his stamp on LA

If LeBron joining the Lakers still feels like a dream (or a nightmare), then this rumored photo of the NBA superstar’s newest sneaker as a member of the Purple and Gold is the reality check we’ve all needed.



Dubbed as the ‘Lebron 16’, Nike’s freshest pair is the most awaited shoe on the market right now, thanks to ‘The King’s’ high profile move to LA.

While this is still a prototype and is still open to changes, people see it as a similar design to the KD 10.




Copy or not, for thing’s for sure. As soon as this baby officially drops, expect it to be one of the highest selling sneaks of all time.

And as a Laker fan, I simply cannot wait for this look.

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