FILA is giving Pokemon fans a treat!

We The Pvblic

FILA wants you to catch ’em all and you can do that now through their latest adorable Pokemon collection!

The brand gives the Court Deluxe Low-Top sneaker some subtle details which will ignite the burning passion for minimalists and Pokemon enthusiasts alike.

The iterations come in pastel colors which correspond to a specific Pokemon — Fire for Charmander, Water for Squirtle, Grass and Poison for Bulbasaur. and Normal Fairy for Jigglypuff. The velcro strap is a great pick for old school sneakerheads who like to keep it clean and nostalgic.

It’s only available in South Korea at the moment, but we’re hoping it’ll reach the shores of the Philippines along with a wider global release because damn, everyone would literally cop that.

You might even want to keep the shoebox with the cutest pokeball adorned on it.

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